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As a homeowner in Bradley, you’ve likely been on the receiving end of some less than impressive services relating to your boiler or central heating system and it never gets easier dealing with such issues. When you factor in the amount of money you’ve spent, the amount of time you’ve wasted and the likelihood that the person working on your system caused more damage, it’s incredibly frustrating to find yourself in such a position. This is what happens when you give the work of taking care of your heating system to individuals who don’t necessarily have the qualifications needed for the job. There are a few ways that you can protect yourself from such experiences:

  • Insurance or nothing: Even the best service providers in this industry cannot guarantee that absolutely nothing will go wrong during boiler installation, boiler repairs or any of the other services that we offer. You have to ensure that in the event of anything that wasn’t planned for such as your boiler falling down the basement stairs, you’ll be able to be compensated. This is only guaranteed if the person you’re working with has an insurance cover that will cater for any damage that they cause to your home while executing their duties. Even if you can get the money from the service provider, this is rarely a straightforward process.
  • Gas Safe Registration or Nothing: If the person coming to work on your heating system isn’t registered with Gas Safe, they have no business interacting with your system. Most people use gas fuelled boilers for their heating systems and in the UK, any work on these systems should only be done by people who are registered with Gas Safe. This registration is the proof you need to know that the person working in your house knows all about gas safety and will take the necessary precautions while doing any kind of work.
  • Check with past customers: Nobody knows a service provider like their past customers especially those who’ve hired the same company more than once. Past customers will not just brief you on the quality of work that was done by the company but also the professionalism of the technicians doing the job.

To put it simply, before you allow anyone to do any kind of work on your boiler or your central heating system, it’s prudent to do some research first. With Eco Efficient, it’s very easy to find out what you need to know about us. If it’s central heating installation you need done, we have the people for the job and they can even take care of central heating repairs. Our boiler servicing comes highly recommended by previous clients and if you have gas and boiler leaks, we have Gas Safe registered people to help you so pick up the phone and call.

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