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Gas and Boiler Leaks

It’s important to have a company that can provide you with gas and boiler leaks Grimsby services on speed dial because you never know when you’ll have these types of emergencies on your hands. Eco Efficient is the one company you will not regret getting in touch with in Grimsby if you need these services. A gas leak is never a small issue because all it takes is one stray spark in such an environment to cause a deadly incident. When it comes to working on systems that utilise any kind of flammable gas, there’s even a body that has to authorise a person to offer any kind of service and this is usually after showing proof that they are qualified in handling the dangers that come with these systems. A competent person in this situation will know exactly what steps to take.

In Case of a Gas Leak

If you or someone else smell leaking gas in your house, this is what you need to do to protect yourself and your property:

  • Shut off the gas: If you don’t already know where you can turn off the gas supply to your house, you should find this out as soon as possible. Turning off the gas prevents the leaking system from putting any more gas into the building. Event without an explosion, the gas can still cause suffocation.
  • Evacuate everyone from the building: You should ensure that everyone leaves the building either before or immediately after turning off the gas depending on the location of the gas valve. Leave the doors and windows open if possible so the house can be ventilated by the air from outside.
  • Contact us: Get it touch with us from outside the building where it’s safe. It’s vital that you call people who are experts in handling these situations because allowing someone who isn’t qualified to work on your system could be dangerous for you, your property or the person doing the work. Our people are recognised by Gas Safe when it comes to taking care of gas leaks from boilers.
  • Don’t take any risks: Fuel gases like LPG and natural gas can be ignited by the tiniest spark and you may not even realise this until it’s too late. Taking unnecessary risks in this scenario puts you and those around you in danger.

The dangers of boiler leaks

Boiler leaks seem rather innocent compared to gas leaks but this doesn’t mean they don’t pose any threat. The water leaking from the boiler can damage a lot of nearby items including walls and floors. Metallic things nearby could start to rust as a result. Boiler leaks could also be a warning that the pressure relief valve is stuck shut; a dangerous situation. We can take care of these as well so call Eco Efficient today.

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